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From an early age, Darren always held a strong passion for music and audio technology. Inspired by his uncle, Jon Machin a guitarist and music producer through the 60’s and into the late 90’s. As a youth Darren would sit for hours within the company of his uncle and other musicians, listening to various forms of live Jazz, Blues and Rock to 80’s New Wave & Electro. Darren began to then raid his parents record collection in search of music to fill his ears and soul.

With a staple diet of Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Soul and Disco from his mother an avid collector of records to the Blues, Folk and Heavy Rock of his fathers collection. Darren then yearned to play along with his favourite albums and artists. His eager request for a drum kit were initially dismissed but on his 12th birthday, Darren was gifted his first electric guitar with a small Marshall amp by his uncle.

As time passed, Darren jammed with friends and colleagues one of which included Joel Renbourn son of folk guitar legend, John Renbourn. With Joel’s keen tuition Darren learnt guitar finger picking and “heavy blues”. The pair would jam most days and come to play live at the odd local pub with other musicians.

However Darren’s fascination with the audio technology that emerged during the 80’s into the 90’s was overwhelming his desire to play guitar or drums. He set out to learn aspects of live and studio sound engineering and applied to study at the SAE institute in London. After passing SAE's entrance exam 100%, Darren was presented with a scholarship to study a four year audio engineering, mastering and multimedia course located at its main campus in Sydney, Australia. Sadly Darren had to pass this amazing opportunity and alternatively studied electrical engineering at City & Islington college, London. He later enrolled at the Leeds College of Music once placements became available the following year.

After finishing studies in Commercial Music, Production & Management, Darren headed back to London in pursuit of work within the music industry. He landed a runners position with Coldcut's Ninja Tune records and later an office assistants role for Howie B's, Pussyfoot records.

Darren then secured his first weekly residency at club Catch-22 in Old Street East London, where he played an eclectic mix of Electro House, Breakbeat to Drum 'n' Bass for a small but regular crowd of followers. After sometime with both record labels and supporting various Dj's and club events, Darren went on to work freelance as an audio & visual engineer he then worked full-time for two major film post production studio facilities within central London.

Through out those career developments, Darren continued his musical pursuits as a Dj, playing many bars, clubs and occasional A-list venue throughout central London and parts of Europe to present day. As well as securing weekly residencies and promoting his own successful club events, “SoulSonic” and “Turn-ON” with fellow Italian Dj, Dj Deep “S”. Darren also had the grateful privilege to have shared events and bookings with some of the industries top Dj’s/Producers and performing artists over time, some include:

Jazzie B (Soul2Soul), Coldcut (PirateTV - Ninjatune), Felix Buxton (Bassment Jaxx) Colin Dale (Sizzle Party) and MC Nino & MC Micro (Baby D)

Playing at various London clubs including: Herbal, MEET, Fabric, Pacha, EGG, ChinaWhite, Elysium, Cafe de Paris, Lab Bar, Oxygen, Soho House (London) and Turnmills before its demise to name a few.

As of 2017, Darren is concentrating on music & film production. 

He also launched Hedonistic Events to promote private & club events between London, Poland and other far reaching locations.

Darren uses; Vinyl - CDJ's - Ableton Live - Native Instruments - Pioneer - Technics - Sennheiser and Korg equipment during in his Live sets.

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