My musical taste is extremely eclectic, growing up listening to Rhythm & Blues, Funk 'n' Soul various forms of Rock and onto experiencing the beginnings of Acid House, Techno, Breakbeat and Jungle/ Drum 'n' Bass.
The noughties brought the expanding sub-genres of House music from Minimal, Tech to Electro all of which I passionately love to mix and play!

Since the late 90's, I have been spinning records, mixing loops and remixing tracks for thrill seeking, party going people at both nightclubs or private events. During this time I have gained a vast collection of music. After working with two London based record labels I was fortunate to be able to expanded my collection further with promotional or official releases from various dance music labels and distributors from across the globe.

I predominately mix with vinyl, however from early 2000 came the arrival of professional plater style CDJ’s and other audio mixing software so I moved into digital Dj'ing and thus incorporated software like Ableton Live or Native Instruments - Traktor Pro to bring a combination of analog and digital mixing to my Dj sets.

I describe my sound as eclectically diverse, feeding from the crowed to provide a soundscape for revellers to groove and bounce too. Or though my main sound style is heavily influenced in, deep FM bass hooks, thumping Jackin' Tech and Minimal House beats. with these multiple musical influences and tastes I like to incorporate those influential elements onto my live sets while keeping a consistent vibe and groove.

I still hold a deep passion for Breakbeat, Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass. and You may catch me Dj'ing at an underground event under my old alias of DvS.

Below you'll find some new and old mixes. I post mixes regularly, so please feel free to drop by now and then to see whats new. Peace, Darren.

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